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Workshops and Classes

***Please note, pictures of quilts for workshops can be found on this and other pages on this site***
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About Dorothy Ann, teacher, lecturer, quilt and kit designer and owner of Peace by Piecing™

Designing quilts is one of the aspects of this business that I consider 'playing' even though I tell my husband I am working.  He totally buys into that, isn't it great?  He thinks I'm working hard and I know I’m playing, ah yes. 

Most of the guild members and friends who quilt, comment that they like all of the fabrics in my rooms devoted to the building of a very large and mighty stash.  My stash comes in bolts!  I carry only the best fabrics from the leaders in the quilt fabric industry. 

Classes, workshops, lectures and classes offered for quilt guilds and shows:

Each class and lecture is accompanied by Power Point Presentations, handouts, door prizes and published quilts for viewing.

  • Applique' My Way™- This is one of the most popular and can be either a lecture or a class.  McCall's featured this method in a five page article.
  • McCalls and Me-This one full day workshop features one of the several quilts published in McCalls Quilting magazine.  Choose one from a list of seven quilts.  Each quilt has three uniquely beautiful kits from which the participants may choose.  Fabrics lines/samples sent by request.  Quilts pictured on this website.
  • Fit For a Queen™-These beautiful 84X84 inch quilts are a spin off of the Block of the Month designed in April 2009 for P&B Textiles.  I just couldn't stop playing with this really great quilt.  The number of ©PbP quilts continues to grow.  Choose one free pattern from a collection of 10 unique quilt designs.  Fabric kits available for viewing on several pages of this web site.  An all day event. 
  • Quilter's Spread™- This line of quilts are spin-offs of oldies but goodies.  Granny's Fanny©PbP and Stair Stepping©PbP-An all Day Event.  The idea for this workshop was born of the memories I cherish of old fashion quilting bees held in my grandmother's front bedroom.  This workshop pairs perfectly with the Wherever I Go™-Placemats to make a two day event.
  • All Dressed Up and Ready To Sew™-This workshop is a treat.  Learn to fold fabric for gift giving or display in your studio or work area.  Half day workshop.  Bring your own fabric or choose from 10 different collections of six yards each offered by Peace by Piecing™-free pattern included with collections.  
  • Wherever I Go™-No more worries about other peoples GERMS!  Placemats have pockets for silverware, handy wipes and napkins.  They roll up for traveling to picnics, church, salad, potluck suppers and restaurant dining.  Kit for two completed placemats included with class.  Choose from five designs and 10 different fabric combinations.
  • It's a Mystery to Me™-Absolutely guarantied to bring a smile.Laughing  The design is the same, the fabrics different, the quilts unique and so different.  One day class.
  • Quilter's Re'treat'™-Combine any of the above workshops and make a week-end retreat. 

Dorothy Ann is a teacher by profession and choice.  Lesson plans and lecture/workshop prices are available on request.  Quilts and kits available for viewing and purchasing on this site, All are copyrighted, all rights reserved.   


Classes and workshops offered for quilt guilds and shows:

  • Panels 'n Panes™-Custom designed quilts with kits that have pre-coordinated fabric to make assembly fun, easy and you have a great quilt when you finish!  Choose from several quilts and fabric kits. 
  • Quilter's Spread™-As quilters, we all have them.  They are created while sitting to look for inspiration in books, watch quilt shows on TV, piece and quilt.  Some are on our beds to sleep under and some are those we sit on.  Both seem to last a life time.  They are original quilts with maximum appeal and minimum effort.  Original quilts with a flare.
  • All Dressed Up and Ready To Sew™-These magnificent original quilt kits are created to audition the fabric as it will be seen in the finished quilt.  Some of our customers buy two, one to display on a shelf as decoration and one to construct a quilt with!
  • Granny's Fanny™-These quilts are variations on traditional blocks, like Grandmother's fan.  The Log Cabin block quilts are a delight.  As always, precise and time saving tips abound in this class. 

Quilts and kits available for viewing and purchasing on this site, All are copyrighted, all rights reserved. 

Pansey SplendorŠPbP2010
copyrighted by Dorothy Ann, fabric $8,50, quilt $85
Purples and greens, fabrics will vary
This kit will be priced at $8 per yard- quilt $80



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