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Quilts Are Where My Heart Is

From the Stair Stepping Series by Dorothy Ann
Stair Stepping In Style copyrighted PbP 2010

Here are four of the fabrics in the kit in this version of A Star Is Born.  


Falling For Fall is a Chain of Events quilt
Designed and copyrighted by Dorothy Ann
Stand At The Crossroads
Designed and copyrighted by Dorothy Ann

Aubrielle, I love it.  This fabric was designed by Marianne Elizabeth for RJR Fabrics.  She's already shot to the list of "I like everything this designer does."  I can't wait to see what she comes up with next!



The quilt was designed by Dorothy Ann, was pieced by the Live Oak Quilting Group who graciously allowed me to help.  It will be an Opportunity donation at the 2010 Relay for Life in honor of Bettie Gill a member of the group.  This Quest for a Cure fabric, Pretty Face by Ro Greg for Northcott Fabrics, was generously donated by Northcott.    
For the Love of Bettie PbP 2010, by Dorothy Ann
Raffle quilt for Relay for Life, honoring Bettie Gill


Hi Quilters,  Beautiful fabric coming, truly beautiful.  Quilt away, and please come back!

Dorothy Ann


All quilts are designed and copyrighted by Dorothy Ann under © PbP 2004-2010.  I owe several companies heart felt thanks for making this an amazing 12 months.  I have been designing quilts and kits since 2004.  Designing quilts was so much fun that I literally had hundreds of them.  Due to my friend and employee and my husband's encouragement, I approached Julie at P&B Textiles.  Since March of last year I have designed six quilts for them.  Julie was instrumental in having my first quilt published in McCall's Quilting magazine and my first in Fons and Porter.  In the months to come I will add the quilts that are in production one by one as they are published or I am given permission to promote an up coming publication.   I also design for Maywood Studios and RJR Fabrics and anyone else who needs one.  I hope to eventually devote all of my website's attention to furthering the success of their fabrics and products.  There are several quilts on this page, and as of right now, a kit for all the quilt designs you see on this page, many are limited.  If you see something here that isn't on the On Line Store, give me a call at or Email me at

Looking forward to you joining us in the fruits of our labor,

Dorothy Ann


What a great idea.  These placemats were designed to match up with any away from home eatting event.  Church Suppers, Tailgating, Backyard B'ques, and even out to dinner.  Use the side pockets to carry flatware, napkins and santi-wipes.  Roll the placemat, wrap the sewn in seam ribbon around a well placed decorative button and GERMS BEWARE.  Unroll your germfree placemat and eat without the fear of what has come before.  Kit includes front, back, binding, ribbon and button.

Just a Little Bit Country PbP 2009

Copyrighted quilts, ©PbP.  All rights reserved. 

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